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Do you need legal advice & assistance with UK family visitor visa application? Our immigration lawyers can guide you through the process and requirements for the visa. Our lawyers have the expertise and knowledge to provide legal advice to individuals looking to visit their family on a visitor's visa, join their family living permanently in the United Kingdom, or to remain in the United Kingdom with their family.

Your friend or family member can apply for a UK Family visitor visa so they can visit you in the UK. Family Visitor Visas to visit the UK are usually for up to 6 months.

People from outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland can apply for a family visitor visa. People who cannot apply for Family Visitor visa are those who qualify to become citizens of the United Kingdom. This includes people who are eligible for dual nationality and will be required to apply for a British citizenship.

Eligibility Requirements

To apply for Family Visitor visa, they must meet the following eligibility requirements:
  • 18 and above
  • They are visiting the UK for less than six months
  • They will leave the UK after their visit visa expires
  • They have sufficient funds to support themselves without asking assistance from public funds or working in the UK, or their friends and relatives can offer support and lodging to them while they are in the UK
  • They can pay for their return back to their country or onward travel
  • They are in transit to a country located outside the UK, Isle of Man, Ireland, or the Channel Islands
The applicant's relative must meet the following requirements:
  • Citizen of the UK
  • Settlement in the UK
  • Humanitarian or asylum protection in the UK
The following are eligibility requirements for people applying for a long-term visit visa to the UK:
  • They have frequent or continuing need to visit the UK
  • The reason for their requirement to visit the UK is not likely to change by much while their visa is valid
  • They plan to exit the UK after their visit visa expires
Proof of Family in the United Kingdom

Applicants must provide the names and addresses of relatives they are visiting in the UK:
  • Civil partner or spouse
  • Children
  • Siblings or children
  • Grandparents or grandchildren
  • Their civil partner's or spouse's parents or siblings
  • Their child's civil partner or spouse
  • Their step parents, step siblings, or step children
  • The person they have been involved with in a long-term partnership as if they were married or in a civil partnership for about two years a day before they apply
Required Documents

People applying for a Family Visitor visa to the UK need to submit the following documents:
  • Current passport or a valid travel ID
  • One passport sized colour picture
  • Sufficient money to support themselves financially during the visit such as payslips and bank statements for the last six months
  • Information on where they plan to stay and their travel plans
Proof of Relative Residing in the UK

People must submit the following documents to show proof that their relative resides in the UK:
  • Invitation letter from them
  • Proof of employment and financial situation such as payslips and bank statements
  • Proof of immigration situation in the UK, exhibiting they reside in the UK permanently or have sought humanitarian status by submitting an immigration stamp in their passport or a valid visa
Long-term Visit Visa Requirements

People who intend to visit the UK on a long-term basis need to provide the following documents:
  • Provide proof to exhibit they can support themselves financially for the length of their visit to the UK
Visa Extensions

To extend their visit visa, they must apply from within the UK and before the expiration date of their current visit visa. They can remain in the UK for a maximum of six months. If their original visit visa is for less than six months, they can only increase it for the maximum of six months. We can also help people join their family living permanently in the UK or remain in the UK with their family.

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