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Bankruptcy (insolvency) in Russia
Where wealth is health, bankruptcy is death
Bankruptcy (insolvency) of legal entities is always a result of their severe economic problems. When the economy falters and government policy is aimed at replenishing the state budget, companies increasingly find themselves in a situation where they are unable to cope with financial problems.

From a legal point of view, bankruptcy is a complex set of measures, and the more insolvency legislation develops, the more difficult it is to get through without professional advice from a lawyer.

Associates of CG Consulting have proven experience in advising clients and providing legal support at the pre-bankruptcy stage, in debt restructuring, in bankruptcy both for creditors and for debtors and their controlling persons. Bankruptcy of credit institutions, including protection of guarantors' rights is of particular interest in our practice. Our understanding is that

  • Bankruptcy is a universal tool for resolving problems of a company;
  • It is the only legal way to close down a company in debt;
  • It is a way to recover debt;
  • It is a way to protect assets.
And we can offer our clients comprehensive support in all matters related to bankruptcy.

Engagement of bankruptcy experts form Capital Legal Services allows you to quickly deal with issues aimed at protecting interests of a creditor and other parties of the process.

Our services:
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  • 1
    Preliminary analysis of financial state of a debtor, developing a strategy for working with the debtor;
  • 2
    Preparing and filing a claim on recognizing the debtor bankrupt;
  • 3
    Representing a creditor in court, supporting the procedure for including the creditor in the list of creditors;
  • 4
    Representation before receivers, participating in meetings of creditors, appealing against actions of a receiver;
  • 5
    Challenging transactions on withdrawal of property and other assets, taking measures on searching for and recovering receivables and debtor's property;
  • 6
    Searching for and collecting information about controlling persons of the debtor, initiating and supporting the bringing to subsidiary and criminal liability of the debtor's controlling persons, protecting interests of persons controlling the debtor;
  • 7
    Pre-bankruptcy analysis of the company, providing support for the debtor in bankruptcy procedures.
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